JE reis

Explore the world through the eyes of Jan Metz and Erna van Holland

'Traveling is seeing yourself against a different backdrop,' said Jan Brokken, the traveling writer or the writing traveler. He talks about how a journey - somewhere other than home - also gives you a different perspective on yourself. You wonder why you like the place, what you find beautiful, why you want to stay longer. Unlike the generic idea that many travel guides give you, the experience of each building, place, region, country is different for everyone.

We are truly curious about our surroundings, with a great interest in landscape, urban planning, architecture, history and art. We noticed that others are curious about our journeys. This motivated us to develop a travel story website called JE reis. The J an E stand for Jan and Erna and ‘reis’ means travel in Dutch. But ‘je reis’ also means ‘your journey’. Erna van Holland writes, and Jan Metz draws sketches and maps. We don’t intend to be comprehensive nor to provide tips for hotels and restaurants. We hope to inspire you. 

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